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CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF MAINE As Amended and Revised by the Chief Justice, PREAMBLE Objects of government. We the people of Maine, in order to establish justice, insure tranquility, provide for our mutual defense, promote our common welfare, and secure to.

As amended. book the Constitution of the State of Maine be Amended, as Proposed by Resolves of the Legislature, approved on the Ninth Day of February, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-seven, to wit: Electors and Municipal Indebtedness.

Art. IX, § N/A: N/A: N/A: Sept. 8, Res. c. Effective: Mar. 18, Genre/Form: Electronic books: Additional Physical Format: Print version: Maine. Constitution of the state of Maine. Augusta, Me., (DLC)   Constitution of the State of Maine formed in convention at Portland, October twenty-ninth, and adopted on the sixth day of December, A.D.

together with amendments subsequently made thereto This edition published in by Kennebec Journal Print in : If a proposed amendment is approved by a simple majority of those voting in a particular election, it becomes part of the constitution.

Throughthe Maine Constitution had been amended times. Records compiled by the Maine State Legislature provide a. Resolves Providing for Certain Amendments to the Constitution of the State of Maine.

(Shall the Constitution of the State of Maine be Amended, as Proposed by Resolves of the Legislature, approved on the ninth Day of February, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-seven, to wit: Electors and Municiapl Indebtedness).

Note: The omitted sections may be found in the text of the Constitution prefixed to the official publication of the laws passed by the first Legislature of the State, which convenedpages xxiv-xxvii, and pages xxviii-xxxi; in the text of the Constitution prefixed to the publication of the Laws of Maine, authorized by Resolve of.

The Council of State Governments continues a long tradition of “sharing capitol ideas” with the publication of the edition of The Book of the States. SinceCSG has served as a resource for state leaders and a catalyst for innovation and excellence in state governance.

Genre/Form: Electronic books: Additional Physical Format: Print version: Maine. Constitution of the state of Maine together with amendments. Augusta, Me., The first amendment to the Maine Constitution was initiated fourteen years after statehood.

The next few decades produced amendments adjusting the structure and rules of the new state. As the th anniversary approached in the yearamendments had been approved. To understand the changes, one must refer to the articles of the constitution.

Before its amendment, inArticle 1, Sect of the Maine Constitution read as follows: “Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms for the common defense; and this right shall never be questioned.” Then along came the case of State v.

Dennis Friel, A.2d (Me. Friel was indicted for possession of a firearm by a. The Constitution Of The State Of Maine, And That Of The United States: With Marginal References: Containing The Census Of The Several Towns & Plantations In Maine In [States, United, Maine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The Constitution Of The State Of Maine, And That Of The United States: With Marginal References: Containing The Census Of The Reviews: 1.

"Constitution of the State of Salzburg: December 1, (as Amended to September 1, ) (Austria [at])" published on by Oxford University Press. The landmark legal document of the United States, the U.S. Constitution comprises the primary law of the Federal Government.

Signed by the members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on Septemthe Constitution outlines the powers and responsibilities of the three chief branches of the Federal Government, as well as the basic rights of the citizens of the United s: K.

ST ATE OF MAINE. RESOLVES providing for an amendment of the con­ stitution in relation to the election of governor, senators and members of the house of representatives. Resolved, Two thirds of both branches of the Iegis-2 lature concurring, that the constitution of this state 3 shall be amended in the fifth section of the first part.

The Maine State Constitution traces the history of Maine's constitution from its statehood in to the present day, highlighting major trends and developments in constitutional revision and interpretation.

In it, Marshall J. Tinkle summarizes the meaning of each constitutional provision in a section-by-section analysis of the constitution, outlining the intent, historical development, and. Section Municipal borrowing regulated by Legislature through general law.

Section Seat of government. Section Continuity of Government in case of enemy attack. Section Limitation on use of funds of Maine State Retirement System.

Section Limitation on expenditure of motor vehicle and motor vehicle fuel revenues. Section   On Election Day, an old topic will get new life when political pundits discuss the chance of a deadlocked presidential contest between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. That did happen once in American history, and the Founders crafted an amendment to greatly lessen the effects of another tie.

But things did not quite work out as planned. This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary.

Maine's Constitutional Officers Last updated: July Introduction Maine's a ttorney general, secretary of state, and state treasurer are chosen biennially at the first session of the Legislature in a joint convention of the House and Senate (the Attorney General was appointed by the Governor until ).This legislative history includes legislation proposing to change how Maine's.

Maine lawmakers are considering a proposal that would add an Equal Rights Amendment to the state constitution. Gov. Janet Mills supports the measure, and was among those who testified before the legislature’s Judiciary Committee. But opponents are raising arguments that the amendment could have unintended consequences.

The largest part of the State constitution is devoted to an enumeration of the general powers of the State government. Amendment and Revision. A final portion of the State constitution provides means for amending and revising it.

There are three methods usually appearing in State constitutions whereby the constitution may be amended or revised. Under the authority of this amendment, the states are shielded from suits brought by citizens of other states or foreign is, for all intents and purposes, the first amendment that sought to correct or at least clarify a seemingly concrete element of the Constitution.

In Article III, Section 2, the federal judiciary is given authority to decide “Controversies between a State. The Constitution of the State of Michigan is the governing document of the U.S.

state of describes the structure and function of the state's government. There have been four constitutions approved by the people of Michigan. The first was approved on October 5 and 6,written as Michigan was preparing to become a state of the Union, which occurred in January on the constitution, senate committee on the judiciary, 97th congress, 2d sess., t he right to keep and bear arms (comm.

print ); d on b. kates, handgun prohibition and the original meaning of the second amendment (); gun control and the constitution: sources and explorations on the second amendment (robert j. cottrol ed., ); s. Louisiana Constitution of Louisiana State Senate Novem Compiled from the Louisiana Senate Statutory Database.

(As amended through calendar year ) Table of Contents Preamble Article I. Declaration of Rights §1. Origin and Purpose of Government 1. A convention called to revise this constitution shall submit any revision to the people for approval or rejection at the next general election held not less than 90 days after submission of the revision.

If three-fifths of all the electors voting on the question vote to ratify the revision, it becomes a new constitution of the state of Minnesota. The framers of the Constitution said, “We’re only going to require the approval of nine states to replace the Articles.” Since state legislatures might lose power under the new Constitution, the ratification went through constitutional conventions rather than legislatures.

It was a gimmick that worked. Ratification got off to a good start. This edition of the New York State Constitution, available at:is provided as a public service by the: Department of State Division of Administrative Rules One Commerce Plaza 99 Washington Avenue.

§ 1. Continuity of state and local governmental operations in periods of emergency. SCHEDULE § 1. Delivery, filing and publication of enrolled copy of amended Constitution and Schedule.

§ 2. Effective date of amended Constitution. § 3. Effect on offices of Senators and Representatives; election. § 4. Commencement of terms of members of. Discover The First Amendment Museum in Augusta, Maine: Located in the historic home of a newspaper publisher, this museum is dedicated to the Freedom of Speech.

While the Maine Constitution has been amended many times sinceit has been recodified every ten years beginning in the late 19th century. The repealed portions have been deleted and the original structure has remained intact, making it one of the shorter state constitutions.

The Illinois Constitution of is the basic governing law of Illinois and provides the framework for state and local government. All students in the state are required to have knowl-edge of the Illinois Constitution. This book, Understanding the Illinois Constitution, has been.

Current Constitution (as amended ) Archive Constitution (as amended ) Archive Constitution (as amended ) Archive Constitution (as amended ) Archive Constitution (as amended ) Archive Constitution (as amended ).

(C) Index to State Constitution. In part (A), for convenience of the reader, the latest con-stitutional amendments have been integrated with the cur-rently effective original sections of the Constitution with the result that the Constitution is herein presented in its currently amended form.

All current sections, whether original sections or. CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF VERMONT AS ESTABLISHED JULY 9,AND AMENDED THROUGH NOVEMBER 2, CHAPTER I. AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION § [AMENDING CONSTITUTION] At the biennial session of the General Assembly of this State which convenes in A.D.

and at the biennial session convening every fourth year thereafter, the. A bibliography on American constitutional law from the Law Library of Congress on such topics as: constitutional interpretation, executive privilege, war initiation, war powers, war powers resolution, state secrets privilege, military tribunals, national security whistleblowers, presidential signing statements, second amendment, presidential inherent powers, and additional constitutional resources.

Constitution of The Constitution of was adopted November 3,by a Constitutional Convention which was called pursuant to the act of Ap (P.L, No). The Constitution was ratified at a special election held Decemand went into effect January 1,   Constitution of the state of Nevada, as amended up to and including November 6, by Nevada.,State Printing Office edition, in English.

AUGUSTA, Me., Jan. 18—Maine today became the 31st state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution when the State Senate voted 19 to.

The Constitution is here published as it is in effect following the approval of amendments and revisions on November 6, The text of the original signed copy of the Constitution filed in the office of the Secretary of State is retained unless it has been repealed or superseded by amendment or revision.

The book makes it evident that the First Amendment provided the DNA of a Hobbesian state in postcolonial India and laid the foundation of the Nehruvian state. It also lays bare the schisms within the Congress party, the pressure applied on the president’s office to bend to the will of the government, and the ways in which the judiciary was.And in the case of the adoption of this constitution, said officers shall immediately, or as soon thereafter as practicable, proceed to open the statements of votes returned from the several counties for judges of the supreme court and state officers under the act entitled "An act to amend the revised statutes and to provide for the election of.

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